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House wine


Nero d'avola

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White wine

Pinot Grigio riserva - Mezzacorona

A golden yellow color with a complex scent of ripe fruit (pear and white peach), chamomile and wood.
The taste is spicy, full and ripe.
The influences of the wood and the ripe fruit are well balanced. A very complex wine.

Vermentino di Sardegna - Sella & Mosca

Produced from 100% Vermentino, a grape variety that has been cultivated in Sardinia for hundreds of years and feels at home in the warm Mediterranean climate.
The wine contains notes of typical aromatic herbs and lemon with a slightly refreshing aftertaste.

Vermentino blu - Santa Maria la Palma

Very popular among the Sardines, this wine is on every winemenu of the restaurants in the Alghero area and is very popular among the Sardinians.
Blu has a wonderful fresh taste with soft notes of nuts.
The aftertaste contains hints of almond with a small amount of CO2 that gives a pleasant sparkle in the mouth.
A nice wine, both for the terrace and in combination with fish dishes.delicious in combination with fish on a terrace!

Red wine

Amarone - Torre del Falasco

Amarone is one of the best wines in Italy.
The Amarone di Valpolicella by Torre del Falasco has a deep red color.
The fragrance is overwhelming with influences of forest fruit and cocoa.
His taste slowly spreads in your mouth, especially the balance between strength and elegance.

Salice salentino Riserva   

Salice Salentino Riserva has a ruby red color with orange tones.
The fragrance is intense and complex with notes of ripe fruit and herbs.
It is a beautifully developed wine with flavors of red fruit, plum and vanilla.
The wine has a warm character and a fantastic price-quality ratio.

Cannonau - Sella & Mosca

Cannonau di Sardegna is a characteristic, warm complex wood-aged wine from the Italian island of Sardinia.
The Cannonau has a deep red color with a soft brown edge.
The wine has a complex and firm aroma, ripe fruit, floral, vanilla and fine spices.
t's taste is warm, smooth and concentrated with soft tannins and a nice aftertaste.
The wine ages for 2 years on wood and can be stored for 8 years.
The Cannonau is a wonderful accompaniment to meat dishes, firm game, generous pasta dishes and powerful cheeses.

Barbera D'alba-alte riocche bianche

Deep red color, almost ink.
Powerful red fruit and a tight structure. Pronounced, thick flavors that match solid food.

Ripasso - Torre del Falasco

Torre del Falasco Rippasso has a beautiful ruby red color. The fragrance is very characteristic with elements of plum and raisins.
The taste is powerful and complex with a certain freshness. A very original wine of a high level.
This wine is an ideal combination with stews, game dishes or old cheeses.

Rippasso superiore - Torre del Falasco

Torre del Falasco Valpolicella Ripasso (Ripassa) Superiore is a soft, full, pleasantly powerful ruby red wine with the scent of delicious sweet cherries with a touch of vanilla.
The taste is full of ripe juicy slightly overripe fruit and is very refined, full and soft with a light spiciness, some vanilla and a characteristic pleasant bitter aftertaste.


Nebbiolo D'alba has a deep ruby red color. In the fragrance typical Nebbiolo characteristics and a soft vanilla tone.
The taste is powerful and elegant and long lasting. Really a small Barolo..

Nero D'avola

Nero D´avola is a Sicilian wine with an intense deep red color.
Fresh notes with notes of red licorice, nuts, powder and forest fruits.
The taste is soft with surprising, smooth tones of fruit and emphatic notes of raspberry.
This wine goes well with meat dishes and good cheeses.

Primitivo di Manduria - Contessa Carola

Red powerhouse from southern Italy
Intense ruby red color.
The fragrance is open and complex with mainly influences of cocoa, coffee and vanilla.
The taste is well balanced and powerful, especially the soft tannin structure.
The finish is particularly long thanks to the high quality of the grapes used and the slow development of 12 months in oak.
The grapes come from a very old vineyard (50-70) years old in the province of Brindisi.

Monica di Sardegna - Santa Maria la Palma

The Monica grape is the oldest grape variety in Sardinia.
In the past this was the most popular grape variety in Sardinia,
Nowadays it thrives in some special regions of the island such as in the sandy soil around Lake Baratz. Deep ruby red in color.
Intense aromas of cherries and red fruits, with elegant spicy notes. Dry and warm in taste with a soft aftertaste.

Cannonau Valmell - Santa Maria la Palma

The name "Valmell" means "ruby" or "red" in the Alghero dialect.
It is a young Cannonau with a good balance of tannin. A bright deep ruby red color. And a refined intense fragrance.
Dry, full and warm in taste, soft but robust, harmonious with its typical tannin taste. Matches perfectly with meat dishes and ripe cheeses.